jeudi 17 avril 2014

Kaye Wiggs Nelly OOAK on Ebay

Here is my Kaye Wiggs Nelly OOAK now available on  
Ebay here

She will come in a cushion as on the picture with :

- her certificate 
-my handmade makeup
- an handmade dyed mohair wig in color baby pink
- a pair of glass eyes
- an outfit in antique lace with a dress, a black hat, and a short panty
- a pair of striped socks and a pair of shoes from dollheart

vendredi 11 avril 2014

mercredi 9 avril 2014

A new doll on Ebay tonight: Byul OOAK miss poppy

Here is a Byul doll OOAK by me
She is now on EBAY for 5 days

She will come on her origal box with a stand
She has a new obitsu body (21cm), with new hands
I removed the original eyes and the mechanism and i added fixed blue glass eyes
I made a new faceup
I made a new wig with wefted dark blond humain hair
I made her outfit in antique lace: a hat with a big red flower, a sort of coat, a dress and a panty
she has a pair og red boots, a necklace with poppies, and a paper poppy in her hand