dimanche 16 novembre 2014

NOV 16 Support the bjd artists Day!

This sunday, Please, if you love bjd dolls and want to stand up for the artist, Take a photo of one of your doll with a support message, submit it everywere: FB, tumblr, dA, Flikr, Twitter, Instagram, with the tag: ‪#‎proBjdArtists‬

mardi 11 novembre 2014

New heads available on my Etsy shop

Bella, Charles and Elizabeth heads from Doll Chateau, with my handmade faceup are now available on my Etsy shop, here https://www.etsy.com/shop/heliantas

Doll Chateau Bella in normal Yellow skin

Doll Chateau Charles in white skin

Doll Chateau Elizabeth in white skin

lundi 10 novembre 2014

Evolution of my prices for makeup commission from January 2015

Mon tarif makeup évolue à partir de Janvier 2015, comme suit:


size YOSD: 55€

size MSD / SD: 65€
Nettoyage: 5€
Cils: 5€
mini doll like realpuki / suzy by nefer Kane/ bjtales...:  makeup/body: 60€

*body blushing avec manucure/pédicure simple*

YOSD / TINY: 25e

 SD / MSD: 35e

Supplément à ajouter en cas de tattoo, en fonction de la complexité

 Evolution of my prices for makeup commissions from January 2015


size YOSD: 70$ 

size MSD / SD: 85$
Cleansing: 7$
Eyeslashes: 7$
mini doll like realpuki / suzy by nefer Kane/ bjtales...:  makeup/body: 75$

*body blushing with simple manicure / pedicure*

YOSD / TINY: 35$ 

 SD / MSD: 45$
Supplement to be added for a tattoo, depending on the complexity

lundi 3 novembre 2014

A New doll available on my Etsy shop

A BJD Bjtales Asrai with my handmade faceup and an Orchidsdesigns dress is now available on my etsy shop here

first owner for this doll received in 2013, there is no problems of yellowing, the doll always stayed in her box.
I made her a new faceup,
The body blushing is from the factory
It's a tiny size BJD (14cm) in green skin resin

She will come in a cushion, as on the pictures with :
- my handmade makeup,
- a pair of eyes -
- a wig in color pale green
- a dress from Orchidsdesigns