mardi 28 avril 2015

My new custom blythe on EBay for 5 days

OOAK BLYTHE: Hermione and her extraordinary garden

now on ebay for 5 days, don't miss her!


vendredi 17 avril 2015

Booth from Nabarro on EBAY

My head Booth from Nabarro with my handmade faceup is now on EBAY for 5 days

New sell on EBAY tonight

Tonight my head Booth from Nabarro with my handmade faceup will be listed on EBAY for 5 days

I will add the link later

mardi 14 avril 2015

Tommorow night on my Etsy shop...

Tomorrow night a lot of things of my work made for the Panna Doll'ya will be for sale on my Etsy shop here
Don't miss the sales!

jeudi 2 avril 2015

Panna Doll'ya exhibition from April 10 to 12 th

And some fresh news!

I will be at the exhibition  Panna Doll'ya in Minsk from April 10 to 12th

Here are the pictures of what will travel with me for this exhibition

My Puppets Dolls, Charlotte, Fanny and Pinocchio Girl

My Dollypets: Ginette the bunny, Raymond the cat and Jade the mouse

My Full Moon, or "Madame la Lune"

My Wolf for a special presentation on the theme "the red riding hood"

A serie of small cats

A serie of big plushes: a mouse, a elephant and a bunny
And a monkey, a rat and a bear
And a serie of ragdolls pins