vendredi 5 décembre 2014

To come, a new sale on my Etsy shop this week-end..

Une nouvelle petite famille est prête pour une vente sur ma boutique Etsy 
Ce samedi 6 Décembre à 21h (CET)

a new little family is ready for a sale on my Etsy shop 
on Saturday December 6th at 21h (CET)
countdown here

dimanche 16 novembre 2014

NOV 16 Support the bjd artists Day!

This sunday, Please, if you love bjd dolls and want to stand up for the artist, Take a photo of one of your doll with a support message, submit it everywere: FB, tumblr, dA, Flikr, Twitter, Instagram, with the tag: ‪#‎proBjdArtists‬

mardi 11 novembre 2014

New heads available on my Etsy shop

Bella, Charles and Elizabeth heads from Doll Chateau, with my handmade faceup are now available on my Etsy shop, here

Doll Chateau Bella in normal Yellow skin

Doll Chateau Charles in white skin

Doll Chateau Elizabeth in white skin

lundi 10 novembre 2014

Evolution of my prices for makeup commission from January 2015

Mon tarif makeup évolue à partir de Janvier 2015, comme suit:


size YOSD: 55€

size MSD / SD: 65€
Nettoyage: 5€
Cils: 5€
mini doll like realpuki / suzy by nefer Kane/ bjtales...:  makeup/body: 60€

*body blushing avec manucure/pédicure simple*

YOSD / TINY: 25e

 SD / MSD: 35e

Supplément à ajouter en cas de tattoo, en fonction de la complexité

 Evolution of my prices for makeup commissions from January 2015


size YOSD: 70$ 

size MSD / SD: 85$
Cleansing: 7$
Eyeslashes: 7$
mini doll like realpuki / suzy by nefer Kane/ bjtales...:  makeup/body: 75$

*body blushing with simple manicure / pedicure*

YOSD / TINY: 35$ 

 SD / MSD: 45$
Supplement to be added for a tattoo, depending on the complexity

lundi 3 novembre 2014

A New doll available on my Etsy shop

A BJD Bjtales Asrai with my handmade faceup and an Orchidsdesigns dress is now available on my etsy shop here

first owner for this doll received in 2013, there is no problems of yellowing, the doll always stayed in her box.
I made her a new faceup,
The body blushing is from the factory
It's a tiny size BJD (14cm) in green skin resin

She will come in a cushion, as on the pictures with :
- my handmade makeup,
- a pair of eyes -
- a wig in color pale green
- a dress from Orchidsdesigns

jeudi 23 octobre 2014

mardi 21 octobre 2014

Opening of my Etsy shop with my available clowns, tonight 21h (CET)

Pour celles et ceux qui n'ont pu se déplacer sur Lyon ce week-end, voila les colwns qui seront disponibles ce soir à partir de 21h (CET) dans ma boutique Etsy


For those who couldn't move to Lyon this week-end, here are the colwns that will be available tonight  from 21h (CET) in my Etsy shop
countdown here:

Doll chateau Alma on sprocket Connie Lowe body

Doll Chateau Vivian on sprocket Connie Lowe body

Doll Chateau Agatha on sprocket Connie Lowe body

lundi 13 octobre 2014

Ldoll Festival, dernière ligne droite J-5! Pleins de photos de ce que vous pourrez trouver sur mon stand!

Ldoll Festival, dernière ligne droite J-5!
18 et 19 Octobre à Lyon

Tout est quasi prêt...
Cette année est basé sur le thème de la fête et de la couleur..des petits clown amusant et tout un stand pour créer les tenues de son choix, tirée de ma nouvelle collection: Linen Dream
Quelques photos pour patienter jusque là... 


Ldoll Festival, starting in D-5!
October 18 and 19 in Lyon (France)

Everything is almost ready ... 
This year, my booth is based on the theme of the party and colors..Some little fun clowns and a whole of dresses, panties, petticoats, create the outfits of his choice, taken from my new collection: Linen Dream

Some pictures to wait until then ...


Et la robe de mariée pour clôturer la collection

Venez nombreux nous rendre visite lors de cet exceptionnel rende-vous!

mercredi 1 octobre 2014

New sales on my Etsy shop

you can find now on my Etsy shop here 2 new heads and 2 new dolls:

A Buried in Oblivion Skene

 A Pamela Macy Pia

 And Padaworkshop heads: Maruko and Ivan

jeudi 4 septembre 2014

The Ldoll festival arrives...No missions till end of October and a new important announcement

The Ldoll festival arrives...No commissions til end of October
My time is now dedicated to prepare my stock for my booth at the Ldoll Festival show on October 18 and 19th, in Lyon (France)

The commissions will start again end of October,  don't hesitate to contact me to reserve a spot

The price of a makeup / body blushing commission will increase at the beginning of January 
More information soon...

samedi 5 juillet 2014

OOAK Blythe doll custom : Miss Mary-Lyne tonight on Ebay

   OOAK Blythe doll custom : 
Miss Mary-Lyne on Ebay for 6 days
The link here

I'm the first owner for this doll
Model Lavender Hugs, received in 2014
- Her face was carefully carved: nose, philtrum, mouth, chin, and I made her a new faceup with pastels and watercolors pencils.

- She has a new pair of eyelashes

-Her eyelids are painted with her name, on the left "Mary" written in white on black smooth background, on the right "Lyne" written in black on a white texturized background.

 -She has boggled eyes, gaze correction and now she can sleep.

 -She has now 4 news pair of eyeships, 2 are made by me: the green eyes and the golden eyes, the 2 others was bought on Etsy 

-She has a new curly wig in blond mohair 

- She has 2 charming pullrings made by me, one for turning the eyes, one for the sleeping eyes. 

The rotation of the eyes must be done carefully, holding the head for not force on the fasteners of the neck, it's a OOAK customisation and thus more fragile

-And she has a new body: a Azone pure neemo flection size L

- her stand was custimized by me to match with her customization

-I made her an outfit all in  black and cream antique laces, with 6 parts: a dress, 2 sleeves, a corset, a petticoat, a bloomer, and an handmade big hat. A bracelet and a bag as a jewel

-She has a new pair of boots

She will come as on the picture with :
-her original box
-my handmade makeup +new wig + new eyelashes + new eyes + new body + customized stand and pullrings
- my handmade outfit in antique lace + hat + bag
- a  pair of boots

vendredi 27 juin 2014

Middie Blythe OOAK custom: Miss Rizette on EBAY now for 7 days

doll Middie Blythe OOAK by heliantas on ebay now for 7 days
I'm the first owner for this doll
Model Jackie Ramone, received in 2014

Her head was carefully carved: nose, mouth, chin
And I made her a new faceup in clown version, with new eyelashes
She has a new wig in mohair
and a new pair of eyes in silicone. The eyes are fixed

She has a new body: a Azone picco neemo D body + new hands

I made her clown outfit, a big overall and a hat

I made her a new box for her transport, completely customized, with a mirror inside

She will come as on the picture with :
-her original box
-my handmade makeup
- a mohair wig in color carrot
- a pair of silicone eyes
- an outfit in antique fabrics
- a  pair of red shoes
- my handmade box