mardi 25 octobre 2016

Ldoll Festival 2016, October 29-30 2016, Lyon, France PREVIEW

Here are all the dolls: Middie Blythe, Blythe, Icy, Dal, Pullip, Isul,  that will be available at the exhibition Ldoll Festival, this week-end, October 29-30 2016, Lyon, France

- I only use Factory dolls for the customization of Blythe and Blythe Middie, which are identical in quality to Takara Blythe, but I do not use Basaak which are very poor quality.
- I carefully sanded each doll, with modification of the mouth, nose and chin. - They all have a new pair of ears made in polymer clay, and for some, addition of teeth and/or tongue in milliput.
- I made the makeup with pastels and watercolor pencils. Each step is protected by a layer of MSC. Varnish was added on the mouth at the end step.
- New eyelashes were added.
- Blythe and Icy have painted eyelids.
- Icy and Blythe have a modification of the eyes to keep the eyelids in sleepy position with addition of a second customized pull ring.
- Each doll has new handpainted eyechips, 4 pairs for Blythe and Icy, 1 pair for others
- Each doll has a new articulated body a factory or a pure neemo S or XS (2 middie Blythe) or Sweettiiger body for the small middie blythe
- Each doll has a modification of the neck to allow  nice head movements and a modification of the knees for better stability.
- All the outfits are made by me, in a choice of quality fabrics: linen, cotton, antique lace.
- I made all shoes and small bags in leather, each time matching with the colors of the outfit


A customized doll is not a child's toy, but a doll for "big kid" collector.
 I give great care in creating each of my dolls as unique as I can, but I'm not a robot and therefore they can't be 100% perfect, there may be some small imperfections.
 A customized doll is ultimately a piece of art doll and not a stock doll!
They can be manipulated to play with and take pictures, but still providing great care: do not drop because the ears can be fragile, even if the head easily moves, always moves it with smooth movements and for Blythe and Icy, always hold the head to rotate the eyes by pulling the pullring.
I do not accept returns, thus take a moment of reflection before making your purchase, I am at your disposal for any question and to guide you in your choice.

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  1. Cette série est superbe <3 J'aurais été incapable d'en choisir une ^^
    J'aime vraiment beaucoup ton univers et j'espère, un jour, avoir la joie d'adopter une de tes poupées <3