mercredi 14 juin 2017

New custom blythe: Miss Lazuli

Ooak full custom Blythe factory doll #7/2017: Miss Lazuli
Already sold out

Lazuli is based on a FACTORY blythe doll.
I only use Factory dolls for the customization of Blythe and Blythe Middie, which are identical in quality to Takara Blythe, but I do not use Basaak which are very poor quality.
Work done :
- Mouth, nose, chin and philtrum carved after a complete sand matted
- Texturization of the face with acrylic paints + handmade faceup with pastel and watercolor pencils, sealed with MSC.
- New articulated body + ARTICULATED PURE NEEMO HANDS. Size total of the doll 30cm + Handmade modification of the neck to allow nice head movements and a modification of the knees for better stability.
- The orbites was modifyied with epoxy to have a smaller size than a normal blythe. The mechanism was removed.
- She has a new pair of glass eyes (only one pair), fixed thus they can't move
- No eyelids
- eyelashes
- New wig in synthetic mohair fixed on the dome and on the headback, if you want to change the hair, you need to remove her wig carfully
- Handmade outfit with 5 pieces: a hat, a dress , a sleeveless jacket , a bloomer, and a pair of socks.
- Handmade blue and pink leather shoes + handmade pink and blue leather bag
- Backplate, signed and numeroted
- she has a butterfly net and a bucket
She will come as on the picture, in a box with a stand. (bunny, chair, butterflies not included)

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