samedi 22 juin 2013

nouvelle vente - new sale, Blythe OOAK Custom: Lilly-Rose et son prince bientôt charmant

Lilly-Rose et son prince bientôt charmant

Now on EBAY for 3 days only

This blythe is a simply guava new from Takara, bought for this customization
she will travel in her original box

-she has a new Pure Neemo body
-the head has been open carefully and the mouth and the nose have been carved.
- I made a new makeup on the faceplate, using pastels and watercolor pencils then Sealed with MSC
- she has a new curly wig from dollmore
-  eyes boggles, and gaze lifted
-a new pair of discrete eyelashes has been added
-4 new handpainted eyechips from liquiriziadolly and ELFiciousShop –

1 pair "Winter Sun" - shimmering metallic effect

1 pair "Juliet's Quest" - shimmering metallic effect

1 pair "Ladybug"

1 pair "Fine Lines - Green"

-she has a sleepy eyes with 2 pull ring a big heart in lether and a frog in swarowski strass.


I made her outfit with antique laces which defined my style and my work: AntiK FabriKs by Heliantas
 I use the antique lace,  as I find it on the flea markets, sometimes stained with rust, sometimes holes but it is what gives the charm to a customization

- she has a dress with wonderful old embroidery
- a bloomer
- a hat made with an antique lace and I added several fabrics flowers and 3 little birds
-she has an old range and a small vial of perfume in her hand
- a pair of socks
- a pair of shoes in antique gold color 
- I customised her stand with a big fabric flower


6 commentaires:

  1. She,s so pretty girl. I really love her littles shoes.hugs

  2. Toujours aussi beau, toujours aussi ... rahhhhh je veux ! Vraiment tous ses petits détails, ta patte, ton truc, je kiffe quoi !

    1. encore merciiii beaucoup beaucoup c'est adorable à toi de me dire tout ça.