lundi 24 juin 2013

nouvelle vente - new sale, middie Blythe OOAK Custom: Miss Pique-nique

Miss Pique-Nique

Now on EBAY for 3 days only
This middie blythe is a Jackie Ramon new from Takara, bought for this customization
she will travel in her original box


-she has a new azone 1/12 picconeemo figure body D type (14 cm) (picture before starting the customisation)

-the head has been open carefully and the mouth and the nose have been carved.
- I made a new makeup on the faceplate, using pastels and watercolor pencils then Sealed with MSC
- she has a new blond wig from dollmore
-  -a new pair of  eyelashes has been added
-the mechanisim for the eyes, not really interested on a middie Blyhte, has been removed and i added a new pair of fixed Eyeco soft Glass eyes color light green

I made her outfit with an antique fabric which defined my style and my work: AntiK FabriKs by Heliantas
 I use the antique lace and fabric, as I find it on the flea markets, sometimes stained with rust, sometimes holes but it is what gives the charm to a customization

- she has a overall made in a antique fabric checkered cloth  red and white 

-in the hair, she has a  lace and a big red bird
- a red pair of shoes  
- I customised her stand with flowers and green moss
- in one hand, she has a small basket for the picnic lunch with little birds, with 3 big strawberries in cotton, and the tablecloth for picnic in the other hand, she has her friend the pretty bear

4 commentaires:

  1. Wow elle est jolie comme tout. bisous

  2. Je suis trop trop folle ! Je voulais tester ce petit corps et quand je vois ce que tu en as fait .... Put++++ de bordel de Nouille !!! Lol. J'adore ! Si j'étais pêté de thune, je t'en demanderais une ! J'adore vraiment ton travail et ton art !

    1. rhooo merci merci d'apprécier mon travail à ce point, c'est très gentil.
      Pour mes blythe je ne prend pas de com, car je fais ça pour changer un peu de mon travail de makeup et robe sur commande en me faisant plaisir de faire le thème que j'ai envie de traiter.
      Du coup elles passent par ma boutique etsy ou ebay car pour ce genre de doll c'est le meilleur endroit.