vendredi 27 juin 2014

Middie Blythe OOAK custom: Miss Rizette on EBAY now for 7 days

doll Middie Blythe OOAK by heliantas on ebay now for 7 days
I'm the first owner for this doll
Model Jackie Ramone, received in 2014

Her head was carefully carved: nose, mouth, chin
And I made her a new faceup in clown version, with new eyelashes
She has a new wig in mohair
and a new pair of eyes in silicone. The eyes are fixed

She has a new body: a Azone picco neemo D body + new hands

I made her clown outfit, a big overall and a hat

I made her a new box for her transport, completely customized, with a mirror inside

She will come as on the picture with :
-her original box
-my handmade makeup
- a mohair wig in color carrot
- a pair of silicone eyes
- an outfit in antique fabrics
- a  pair of red shoes
- my handmade box

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