samedi 5 juillet 2014

OOAK Blythe doll custom : Miss Mary-Lyne tonight on Ebay

   OOAK Blythe doll custom : 
Miss Mary-Lyne on Ebay for 6 days
The link here

I'm the first owner for this doll
Model Lavender Hugs, received in 2014
- Her face was carefully carved: nose, philtrum, mouth, chin, and I made her a new faceup with pastels and watercolors pencils.

- She has a new pair of eyelashes

-Her eyelids are painted with her name, on the left "Mary" written in white on black smooth background, on the right "Lyne" written in black on a white texturized background.

 -She has boggled eyes, gaze correction and now she can sleep.

 -She has now 4 news pair of eyeships, 2 are made by me: the green eyes and the golden eyes, the 2 others was bought on Etsy 

-She has a new curly wig in blond mohair 

- She has 2 charming pullrings made by me, one for turning the eyes, one for the sleeping eyes. 

The rotation of the eyes must be done carefully, holding the head for not force on the fasteners of the neck, it's a OOAK customisation and thus more fragile

-And she has a new body: a Azone pure neemo flection size L

- her stand was custimized by me to match with her customization

-I made her an outfit all in  black and cream antique laces, with 6 parts: a dress, 2 sleeves, a corset, a petticoat, a bloomer, and an handmade big hat. A bracelet and a bag as a jewel

-She has a new pair of boots

She will come as on the picture with :
-her original box
-my handmade makeup +new wig + new eyelashes + new eyes + new body + customized stand and pullrings
- my handmade outfit in antique lace + hat + bag
- a  pair of boots

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